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I am Subhash Narhar Deshpande. I was born in Ahmednagar in 1946.

My father was teacher and my mother was housewife. They have a very large contribution in shaping me.

Most of my childhood was spent in a small colony of sugar mill. Life there was calm and quiet. It was enjoyable. College education was in Ahmednagar and Pune. I am a Mechanical Engineer with post graduate Management. I am also Fellow of Indian Institute on Engineers.  

I started my career on shop floor, but did not last long as I realized that it was not my cup of tea. I soon changed to teaching which was and is my passion. My father, uncle, aunts and sister all were in teaching and so teaching came naturally to me. This trait also helped me in giving training in later part of career.

Later I spent four decades in Engineering Industry at different levels. I started work on drafting board and retired from Board Room. I worked at different levels. In later part of my career when I worked at senior level, people with whom I grew could relate to me and were comfortable talking to me even if there was gap in our levels. They shared their problems with me for solutions, which helped me to sharpen my people skill.

I have rich experience in Project Management. I have handled projects of various sizes - starting from US $ 100,000 to US $ 800 million. Challenges for different size projects are different. Such experience provides a very good platform to take on more and more responsibilities.

I possess excellent memory which is essential ingredient for success. One of my colleagues wrote on my retirement “I have seen very few people with such fantastic memory and presentation skills.”

My traits are Teaching, Engineering, Project Management and soft skill training. I would like to share my wide experience with the younger generation for their learning.  

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42 years – happy as well as sad ones.Memories are funny – when one remembers good times